Connecting Brands & Consumers

360° Full-Service

Prepare. Process. Perform.


Our experienced product management team discusses with the client which products are best suited based on individual needs, where the content should best be placed in retail stores, and how to cleverly market it to drive your revenue.


High-quality, eye-catching range of card products and optimum positioning are the key to increasing sales. With years of experience and our expertise in producing cards and the associated display/POS solutions, we can offer you a comprehensive service.


epay not only handles the production but also the related logistics – both for the initial delivery as well as for subsequent supplies. Our customers benefit from our highly advanced logistics that enable automated demand-based delivery to stores with the right kind and optimum amount of cards.


Technical and commercial processing at the POS as well as the related technical integration are key factors. Due to its global leading position, epay can access a virtually non-depletable contingent of alternatives, options and creative enhancements to effortlessly fulfill any requirements.


Our competent marketing team will provide support for all your merchandising needs based on your requirements – from developing and implementing a customized marketing concept to simple artistic design services for marketing materials.


We offer our customers a dedicated full-service sales and merchandising team, for positioning and increasing sales of gift cards in retail. The team will support you in every possible way.


Our reporting tools offer a wide variety of options for transaction tracking that can be adjusted to your needs and offer variable access rights.


Continuous project support by an experienced project manager is a given, as well as our company’s own support hotline, available 365 days a year to answer your technical questions.