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Virtual Content Provider

With over 31,000 points of sale in the UK & Ieland and over 673,000 POS worldwide, we offer virtual content providers a first-class retail network for the distribution of their gift cards and other products in local retail.


Retail is in an exciting phase right now. While customers enjoy the benefits of online shopping, retailers have to work harder than before to make those customers return to their stores. Today's customer is discerning, well-informed and always looking for the quickest and easiest purchasing process. epay offer retailers innovative omni-channel solutions to meet these challenges in a quick and easy way.

Mobile Operator

We offer mobile operators a first-class retail network of over 31,000 points of sale within the UK & Ireland for their customers’ prepaid mobile top-up. This includes grocery stores, specialised electronics retailers, drug stores and gas stations.

Banks & Savings Banks

Banks can purchase our classic payment terminals and act as a commercial network operator. Furthermore, we offer our value-added services to banks in the form of prepaid products, which can be sold via ATMs or online banking systems.

Web Shop Operator

In the field of eCommerce, we offer a comprehensive full-service shop system including secure payment processing – with a wide variety of virtually any common payment method available.


For distributors we offer a wide range of high-quality prepaid products from the areas of mobile phone, gaming, music, entertainment, shopping & software. For this, we partner with the strongest content and mobile phone providers worldwide.

EPOS Partners

Connect via direct API integrations or WebPOS